Create a company in Spain

se up company in spainAnd for 100 euros. After removal of the last bureaucratic obstacles that prevented it, it is now possible to mount a Limited Partnership or New Enterprise Limited Company on a day and at that price. We explain how step by step.
Notary for Business in Spain
The only ‘fishy’ that copper is 60 euros Notary: check your PAIT which notaries are adjusting to the norm.
Martin Perez wanted to Set up a company in Spain a few months ago. I had read that it could be done in 24 hours and 100 euros … so he decided to try and went right: in a few steps and almost that price (at the end were 111.50 euros) constituted Canteira Software. Then he told on his blog and his case was very commented: Really that was possible? We are not used to things going so well, especially when it comes to dealing with the windows of the Administration but from the removal of the last administrative burden that had to create express companies, you may be an SL or SLNE (SL New Enterprise) that fast. How? Keep reading:

1. Name Registration in Spain.

Choose a name for your business and register at the Central Registry, in person, by telephone or electronically on If what you believe is a SLNE, this step will do so directly at the Point of Care Entrepreneur (PAE).
Days: depending on the route you choose.
Cost: in theory, 40 euros.

2. Going closer to PAE

You can find in the search box with the documentation they ask: the negative certificate of corporate name to get in the RMC (or a current account to charge you 40 euros for this procedure, if it made there) and data partners. There will fill the DUE (single electronic document) and will consult each appointment with the notary.
Days: one morning.
Cost: 0 euros.

3. Go to the bank por registration companys in spain

Disburses $ 3,000 minimum initial capital (and 3,100 maximum). This capital may also be in kind: if you buy two computers to the company for 3,000 euros, invoices also serve.
Days: so it takes time to assist in the bank.
Cost: 0 euros (not a cost of constitution, but company money)

4. Appointment at the notary.

There you must bring the bill we talked about in step 3, besides the Central Registry certificate, ID card of members, etc. The notary will read the scriptures, send the Provincial Companies Registry and your company to be in.
Days: another tomorrow, next to SAP if all goes as planned. The definitive NIF come to you in a couple of days.
Cost: in theory, are 60 euros. But, as has Brenta Marta, Madrid Emprende consultant, in practice there notaries charging more. It is best to consult the SAP itself on what notary going: they usually know how it works and what each is charging.