Company register in Spain

Every day are started new businesses that can become in great ideas. Now, first of all must meet certain legal requirements and these can extend reach more or less depending on what I can get us to need.
In some cases the process can be extended up to reach more than a month. In addition, we will sign a series of documents that can be very small print … so you have to be very careful with what is signed.

Guide to company register in Spain

Type of activity
Before doing anything we will have to assess the risks, plan, make a feasibility study and any similar look to include them in what we call business plan.

Choosing legal form
Although there are many types of company, as normal is decided by a SL (SL) or SA (joint stock company). The first option is the most selected as only € 3,000 needed for its establishment; SA, meanwhile, it will take 60,000 €.
On the other hand we also have real communities, corporations and civil society.
It is useful to know the advantages of each of them (and disadvantages) before making a decision.

Company name
Now we need the certificate of company name we can apply in the commercial register. We will tailor a list of five names in case one has already been registered. This process has an associated cost of 30 € and can be ordered via the Internet.

Bank certificate
On the other hand we have to have a bank certificate that we have deposited the payment to form the company. As we have seen, each legal form involves a different cost.

Visit the notary
The next step is to go to the notary to sign those documents public deed. Once we have the scriptures, we will deposit in the commercial register.

High in the administration
Now we will have to register in Finance. Cumplimentamos the form 036 and ask our provisional CIF.
Here we inform you about all the taxes we have to pay based on the chosen mode.

Social Security
And finally, we come to the “Social Security” with the documents obtained Treasury, and the activity we discharge it. Domiciliamos quotas indicating our bank account.
With this guide you should have no problem making your company.